Siderovski Chosen to Oversee WVU M.D./Ph.D. Scholars Program

David-SiderovskiDavid Siderovski, Ph.D., E.J. Van Liere Professor and Chair of the WVU Department of Physiology and Pharmacology, is now directing the School of Medicine’s M.D./Ph.D. Scholars Program. Prior to joining WVU in 2012, Dr. Siderovski was the co-director of University of North Carolina’s M.D./Ph.D. Program for six years.

While at Chapel Hill, Siderovski personally trained three M.D./Ph.D. scholars within the research lab, with a combined output of nearly 50 papers on the structure and function of G-protein regulators. Siderovski also served for two years on the NIH Biomedical Research and Training panel, which reviews all U.S. Medical Scientist Training Programs funded by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences.

During this transition of leadership, the School of Medicine will suspend the recruitment of new students into the M.D./Ph.D. Scholars Program for the 2015 entry year in order to focus on a full review of program operations and career trajectories of its current scholars. In the 2016 entry year, first-year WVU medical students will have the opportunity to apply for lateral entry into the M.D./Ph.D. Scholars program; successful lateral entrants will be provided all benefits they would otherwise have received via the regular admission process.

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