In 2007, the journal Science published a technical comment from the Siderovski and Jones labs of UNC-Chapel Hill disputing the conclusion of others that the GCR2 gene of Arabidopsis thaliana encoded a G protein-coupled receptor:  Comment on “A G Protein–Coupled Receptor Is a Plasma Membrane Receptor for the Plant Hormone Abscisic Acid”.

Our prediction of the GCR2 structure...

Now, in 2013, a group has just solved the crystal structure of the GCR2 gene product; lo-and-behold, it is exactly what we originally predicted — a plant homolog of lantibiotic cyclase-like proteins (i.e., definitely NOT a seven transmembrane-domain GPCR).

Arabidopsis GCR2 structure

Arabidopsis GCR2 structure

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