Proud to honor Women in Science #February11

I have been inspired by working with these Leaders in Science:

Dr. Pilar Blancafort (Cancer Epigenetics Lab Head at Perkins Institute, University of Western Australia)

Dr. Lea Harrington (Professor at IRIC, Université de Montréal, QC)

Dr. Michelle Kimple (Twitter handle: @KimpleLab at UW Madison)

Dr. C. Jane McGlade (Professor & Assoc. Res. Chief at Labatt Brain Tumour Research Centre, University of Toronto)

Dr. Emily Oestreich (Division Chief of Physiology at Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences, WA)

Dr. Staci Padove Cohen (R&D Scientist at Parion Sciences, RTP, NC)

Dr. Michelle I. Smith (Project Manager at Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto)

Dr. JoAnn Trejo (Professor & Associate Dean at UCSD, San Diego, CA)

Dr. Angelique Whitehurst (Assoc. Prof. of Cancer Biology at UTSouthwestern, Dallas, TX)

Dr. Melinda Willard (Senior Clinical Research Scientist at Eli Lilly & Co., Indianapolis, IN)

NIH F30 MD/PhD fellowship success rates in 2017

Thanks to my dear WVU colleague, Dr. Berny Schreurs, for providing me these stats. (Berny runs a highly-effective grant-writing class for WVU graduate students…)


Institute Grant Reviewed Awarded Success Rate Amount
NCI F30 133 53 39.8% $2,137,098
NEI F30 17 8 47.1% $339,155
NHLBI F30 64 30 46.9% $1,245,918
NIA F30 20 8 40.0% $324,530
NIAAA F30 5 3 60.0% $128,303
NIAID F30 82 16 19.5% $631,704
NIAMS F30 6 3 50.0% $138,333
NICHD F30 29 12 41.4% $476,283
NIDA F30 15 5 33.3% $189,350
NIDCD F30 4 2 50.0% $66,469
NIDDK F30 58 20 34.5% $793,736
NIEHS F30 2 1 50.0% $33,967
NIGMS F30 13 5 38.5% $211,750
NIMH F30 35 20 57.1% $833,191
NINDS F30 38 14 36.8% $578,398


WVU graduate student Josh Gross investigates RGS12 as a potential target for cocaine- and amphetamine-addiction therapeutics

West Virginia University doctoral candidate Josh Gross is investigating how RGS12 influences the brain’s response to cocaine and psychostimulants with abuse potential. Gross is conducting his research in collaboration with his mentors David Siderovski, Chair of WVU’s Physiology, Pharmacology, and Neuroscience Department, and Vince Setola, Director of WVU’s Laboratory of Neuroscience and Genetics of Substance Abuse.

Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 11.36.02 AM